🍵: Does Stating a Good Thing Invite the Opposite in Our Lives?

Have you ever had this situation when you stated that something is going well in your life — big or small — that thing seems to collapse somehow? As if stating good things invites the opposite.

And this made you think that it’s perhaps better to keep silent, right?

I feel you.

Vlada and I had this situation very often.

And sometimes it still occurs.

But we learned to work with it and found a solution.

The short answer is that it’s not better to keep silent.

It’s all about your own perception, and I will tell you now how you can work with it.

The Beautiful Destruction

First, think deeply about the event. Is the bad thing that happened to you really a “bad” thing?

Or is it something that brings good with it afterward?

Analyze the situation and try to see the whole picture.

Sometimes something that we consider as not very good has to happen to bring us something even better than we couldn’t even imagine.

Often we’re so obsessed with something or somebody that we don’t want to let go.

But everything is in constant change, which means that we have to move on and evolve.

Everything is for a reason in our lives, and if we didn’t let go of these things when it was time to move on, something has to happen to make us let go.

Think of it as something like a beautiful destruction (props to Vishen for this concept).

The thing that is in your life has to be "destroyed" so that something new and even more beautiful can take its place.

That is why it’s also extremely important not to judge the situation as “bad”. I know it’s hard, but judgment can start a chain reaction which I’ll talk about in a second. You should stop judging and get comfortable with accepting that everything is moving and changing.

Don’t worry.

In the end, the Universe will bring you what you deserve, and that will be the best thing you can get.

You only need to trust the Universe, but who are we not to trust it, right?

The Chain Reaction and What It Can Do to You

I found out that on a subconscious level, because of the influence of our society and the wrong people around us, it’s pretty hard for us to accept that something good can really happen to us.

We tend to think: “Is this even real?”, “With what did I deserve such a good thing?”, etc.

We continuously question the good things that happen to us, and in most cases, we don’t even realize that.

But we have to learn to be aware of these thoughts and stop them. Otherwise, the following chain reaction will happen.

When we think like that, we start assuming that we’re not worthy of something good happening to us and finally persuade ourselves into believing that this is the truth.

That is why we even start to subconsciously search for something bad to happen, something that “balances out” the good thing that happened to us.

That is when a collapse happens.

After the collapse happened, we tend to believe even more that we don’t deserve good things because, after all, this collapse has proven that to us. Therefore we start to wait for the bad to happen, and we even subconsciously begin to search for it.

That becomes our subconscious thought pattern and thus our future reality.

The Belief That Shouldn’t Be There Will Influence Your Whole Life

That is the point when we created a belief with our thought pattern, which defines the future outcome of things that happen in our lives and our perception. This wrong belief makes it even harder to solve this situation because you will need to get rid of it later on and create a new belief that benefits you.

Now your belief defines your thought pattern and you get into a vicious cycle. You state that something is going well in your life, but on the subconscious level, you don’t believe that you deserve it and search for a collapse to happen.

The Dao, the Universe, God, or as you might call it, don’t want bad things for us.

Why should it?

Just think about it.

Wouldn’t it be counter-intuitive?

It’s just our human perception to judge something as “bad.”

It’s when I started to think positively, started building positive beliefs, and stopped judging things when collapses either disappeared or started bringing good events with them.

It takes time, but you have to convince yourself. You need to work on building the belief that you deserve good things and if something seemingly bad happens to you, it’s only to bring something even better into your life.

Here’s What You Can Do About It

  1. Analyze the situation and try to see the whole picture
  2. Stop judging events that happen to you as “bad”
  3. Be aware of the wrong beliefs you create and have created

That is the reason why stating good things doesn’t invite the opposite in your life.

It’s even the opposite if you fully believe that you deserve it.

So shout from the rooftops that something is going well in your life, believe it, and always stand behind this belief.