🍵: On Studying, Exploring, and Grasping the Depth and Richness of Life

Magic happens when we realize something

Many people think they know something.

When in reality, they only have a surface-level understanding of it.

So, they didn’t really realize what they know.


What's the difference between knowing and realizing?

So, What Is Knowing?

Let's say you're at a bustling market in India.

The sights, the sounds, the smells – it's all a sensory overload.

Now imagine you're holding a map of this market.

You study it carefully:

  • You know where each stall is
  • Where the quickest routes are
  • Where you can find the best spices

This is knowing.

It's like having a theoretical knowledge of something.

You've comprehended the layout of the market. But you haven't actually experienced it.

In other words:

When you know something, it simply means you have knowledge or awareness about a particular thing.

It could be something you know from learning or experience, like a fact or concept.

And What Is Realizing?

Now, imagine you put away the map and start exploring the market.

You negotiate with vendors.

Taste different foods.

Get lost and find your way again.

You're not just observing the market. You're living it.

This is realization.

It's when you directly experience something and it becomes a part of your reality.


When you have a realization, it means you've gained a deeper understanding or insight about something.

It's all about making connections and implications. Drawing on what you know and have experienced.

Cool Story, but Why Is This Important?

Knowing is important, yes. It lays the foundation for realization.

But if you know something, you're like a bird with wings but no idea how to fly.

Realization is where the magic happens. Because that's when we truly experience and grasp the depth and richness of life.

So, next time you think you know something, keep in mind:

Knowledge is just one side of the coin.

And it's the difference between information and transformation.