🍵: Are You Taking a Loan For Your Body and Mind?

A healthy man has many wishes, a sick man only one

Hold on and think about that for a second.

We tend to want something all the time. We always want more and more. We never settle.

One desire after another.

One goal after another.

One step after another.

We never stop, not even for a moment.

And in most cases, we aren’t even grateful when we get what we want.

What Do We Really Need To Live A Happy Life?

In the last five years, I thought a lot about movement. Internal and external. And having a healthy lifestyle. From the outside and the inside.

Especially as an entrepreneur, I thought about not moving and building the business instead. Because it’s “more important” than taking care of myself. For a short period, I even fell for it and noticed how my body literally started crumbling.

At some point, however, I tried to break down life into fundamentals to understand what we humans need to live a happy life.

I thought…

Would we be able to live a happy life without rockets?

Would we be able to live a happy life without gadgets?

Would we be able to live a happy life without e-commerce?

And when I stopped was: “Would we be able to live a happy life when either our body or our mind is sick?

The answer was “no”.

Are Internal And External Sickness Worth It?

Very interesting, though, that our body and mind always come last. After the work, after the “responsibilities,” after everything.


I love entrepreneurship and what people build in this world. But I concluded that we could live a happy life without all of that. In fact, we even did for a long time.

What we couldn’t live a happy life without, on the other hand, is when we are sick either internally or externally.

Internally, we are already out of balance when we have comparably small problems like stress, anxiety, or depression.

Externally, we are already out of balance when we have comparably small problems like neck stiffness, knee injuries, or back pains.

But we still take a loan. A loan for our body and mind.

We don’t care about them.

We don’t care about ourselves.

We live ignorantly and think we can do that.

Until the point when we have to pay it back.

But unfortunately, that’s the point when it’s already too late.

My Conclusion

I don’t want to take a loan. And I don’t want to pay it back someday when it’s too late.

That's why I began prioritizing my body and mind.

And the experience and insights from my entrepreneurial journey emphasize this decision. My body is the temple of my mind, and I want to give it the respect and gratefulness it deserves.

And without a healthy mind, I can’t properly look after my body. So I also have to cultivate my mind.

The balance between internal and external is what makes a happy life. That’s why I started to cultivate my body and my mind.

And how about you?

Are you taking a loan?